The Art of Don Ca Tai Tu – The intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Th6 10, 2018

Don ca tai tu is an indispensable part of the spiritual activity and cultural heritage of the people of southern Viet Nam. Don ca tai tu is a typical South folk art, formed and developed since the late 19th century on the basis of ritual music, Hue royal court music and folk literature. Therefore, Don ca tai tu has both the quality and the scientific. This type of music is constantly being created by the improvisation and emotional transformation of the practitioner on the platform of 20 original (Bài Tổ) and 72 ancient songs. Don ca tai tu is played different instruments, including the moon-shaped lute, two-stringed fiddle, sixteen-stringed zither, pear-shaped lute, percussion, monochord, bamboo flute and and two Western instruments (violins and guitars have been “improved”: the violin is on the fourth string, and the guitar is chopped off, to increase the punctuation of the rhythm). This traditional art of music is not only performed at festivals but also in the daily life after stressful working hours.